Framed Guitar

This guitar was signed by Rock & Roll Legends such as Eric Clapton, Slash, BB King, & Peter Townsend.   Priceless! 

 We mounted the Guitar, designed the plaque and fabricated the frame to make it deeper to fit the thickness of the guitar.

                                                                                        Designer:  Jerry Looney


Custom Framing and Artwork - our quality can't be beat!

Featuring custom art frames, & custom mirror frames.

Custom Designed & Framed Magnet Board

We use special stainless steel to make our magnetic boards.  Using a designer frame makes this a one-of-a-kind custom place to organize your thoughts and memories.

270+  Brochure Framing

Framed Japanese Kimono 

​Design with us!  (760) 346-9770

Custom object & shadow box


Golf Bag Table

This corner table using a golf bag was made  by our design and craftmanship.  If the owner ever wanted to use the bag for anything else, it can be completely removed and used as a golf bag again!                                                                                 Designer: Jerry Looney

Textile Framing

This customer needs their valuable Native American rug protected so this was framed and hung by our staff and really gives a wonderful presentation!

​​​​​Frame Master Galleries

Quality Custom Picture Framer and Art, TV, & Mirror Frames      

Oversize Multiple Opening-Double Fabric wrap